....And A Good Time Was Had By All....
The Class of 1964 Had A Fabulous 50th Reunion

The photos from the reunion photographer are now posted, AND our classmates have shared the photos they took. They are  all available on our Photo Albums Page.
View the photos as a slideshow and see the fun we had. 

If you would like to download any of the photos to keep, here's how to do it:
[1]  Go to the Photo Albums Page

[2]  Choose the album you wish to view

[3]  Click on the icon that looks like a bunch of squares
       This allows you to see the images one-by-one instead of 
       in a slide show 

[4]   Find a photo you like, put your cursor on it
        and RIGHT CLICK

[5]   Choose the option which reads 'SAVE PICTURE AS'
        The name comes up automatically for you. 
        The picture will be saved in the 'Pictures' directory on
        your computer.

[6]   Congratulations---you just downloaded a photo!! 
        You can print it or have it printed (like a photo)
        at CVS or Walmart [copy the image files to CD or
        go to their website and upload the images]
        Then go pick up your prints!

Here's A Quick Link To the Photo Albums Page