1) Who was the Principal?
Norma Davenport
Wilmer F. Bennett
James Turner
Constance Racht
2) Who was head of the English Department?
Berniece Tillett
Edith Butler
Joseph Langhorne
Theodora Daniel

3) Who set the record for pole vaulting senior year
John Lewis
Barry Conti
Peter Chen
Andrew Bell
4) Where was the prom held?
Washington Hilton
1601 R Street, N.W.
School Gym
Presidential Arms

5) Where was the class trip?
World's Fair - New York
Ocean City, MD
Myrtle Beach, SC
There was no trip
6) What group performed at the Prom
The Four Jewels
Bobby Daniels and the Blues Boys
The Enchanters
Bobby Felder and the Blue Notes

7) Where did the rifle team practice?
DC Armory
Rock Creek Part
Rifle range in the basement
NRA Rifle range
8) What kind of rifles did the cadet corps use?

9) Who were the Cheerleader Captains?
Jackie Tibbs, Audrey Hinton, Marilyn Robinson
Gwendolyn Betancourt and Audrey Hinton
Charmaine Leonard, Benaree Pratt, Paula Burke
Jackie Tibbs and Marilyn Robinson
10) Who was class President?
Shirley Jackson
Peter Chen
Venida Smith
Carol Colston

11) Who was Chairman of the Business Department
Frankie Houchins
Cortez Peters
Norma Y.Archer
Blanche K. Williams
12) Who was the drivers ed teacher?:
Robert Carr
Russell Harris
Joseph Langhorne
Edith Howard

13) Who was Valedictorian
Peter Chen
Linda Berry
Brenda Adams
None of the Above
14) Who was Salutatorian?
Shirley Jackson
Dianne Parrish
Marilyn Stewart
Dianne Parrish and Marilyn Stewart